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What to know about Lip Blush

Lip Blush is an incredible service that can add a natural pop of color to your lips! Not only does it add your favorite lip color to your lips it can correct asymmetry, scarring, give the illusion of fullness and give your a more flattering lip shape! But! Before you go book with some random schmo, there are a few things you need to know! (That rhyme totally surprised me but... we're keeping it.. happy whoville everybody!)

Never Tattoo Outside Vermillion Border

Your artist should NEVER tattoo outside

your natural lip, if there is hair or pores, that's your skin. Lip skin and face skin have different thickness and coloring. Tattooing onto your skin will heal terribly over time and leave a 'kool aid stain' around your lips. The pigment will be brighter and more bold on your skin vs the color it is on your lips. If you want your lips to be more full, instead of tattooing on your skin, go get lip filler! Tattooing your skin is never the option to give you fuller lips.

Speaking of lip filler, yes! You can get your lip blush done after you've had filler! If you're planning on doing both (in the very near future) then do your filler first. If your filler changes the shape and symmetry of your lips its best do then do the tattoo after so we can shape and style around the filler. (If filler is on your bucket list but no time soon, do the blush!)

Correct Assymetry and Scarring

Some lips are naturally not symmetrical, some it's from scarring, either way, before the appointment we go through and shape your lips. We take our time, make sure when you're straight faced or smiling it's symmetrical! Shaping is the most important part! There's no point in getting a tattoo on your face if the shape isn't perfect!

With scarring it can be tougher skin, it can be thick or it might soak the pigment up faster! Be sure your artist is cautious but up for the challenge. It's likely your scar will heal lighter, in that case we will only touch up that part at 6-8 weeks to get the pigment to match and voila!

The Lip Blush vs The Cold Sores

If you've ever had a cold sore, you can still get Lip Blush! Talk to your doctor about what you're going to have done and they will prescribe you an antiviral to take days before AND after your service! If you still have a break out, don't sweat it, let it heal on its own, keep the after-care on it & DON'T pick! The pigment will still heal beautifully! If you've never had a cold sore and get one after the service, it's likely the virus has been inside your body and was finally activated from the trauma to the skin.

* Always consult your doctor if you have any reaction to ANY treatment you receive*

Picking the Color

If you have a favorite lip color, bring it to your artist and let them mix a color to match! If you can't decide, bring inspo pics, or talk to your artist! Your artist will be able to see your undertones, tone of your skin, etc. and will be able to choose the perfect color for your lips!

*If you love this color, it's Orgasm by NARS (and I've got it saved)

How They Heal

Healing Lip Blush is SO easy! I would dare say, it's the easiest healing of all the PMU. The first day they'll be a little swollen, tender, and the color will be bold, feel free to ice them. Day 2 the color will be more bold and they will still be tender. Day 3 & 4 they will feel chapped and sunburnt, keep the after care on them. Once they start peeling, whatever you do don't pick! When you use the aftercare never oversaturate, let the aftercare wear off completely before you reapply you still want them to be able to breathe!

*Don't forget the ghosting phase!* Once they heal the pigment will seem light, splotchy and you'll even feel like they color is gone. Don't sweat it! It take 2-4 weeks to show true, don't stress, give it time to show true!


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